Family-Directed Education

Family Academy is a non-denominational, faith-based organization dedicated to helping families train their children in faith, character, and academic excellence. We believe in supporting Family-Directed Education via a method we call the "Family Academy Way."

Since the early 1980’s  we have been fulfilling this mission through our training for parents, our curriculum resources, and our 'school without walls' comprised of Christian educators.

We help:

Homeschooling is so successful because learning occurs best within the context of meaningful relationships.  Good parents are the first and can be the best teachers.  However, many feel insecure about homeschooling. FamilyAcademy can help. 

Our staff and teachers have a living faith in Jesus Christ and implement a biblical worldview into the learning process.  They have honed their experience and training to enrich the family’s educational efforts. 


Key Homeschool Issues

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Homeschooling the High Schooler           Able to Teach

 What's New?

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Congratulations to the 56 Academy Northwest 2016 grads for earning $2.27+ million in college scholarships!  

Upcoming Events for 2017
                                                                        North Cascades Outdoor School             May 25-27 (follow link for details)                                                           Yellowstone Outdoor School       Sept 4-8 (registration has already started due to limited accomodations) 

                                                                  To receive notification when registrations open for future events, follow this link: email list and then choose the "FA Website Newsletter" list and the list related to your general location if living in Pacific NW. 

            Able To Teach                     Learn more effective methods for teaching your children at home! This course is jam-packed with answers to the questions you haven't yet thought about! Sponsored by Multnomah University

  • Online format:  Open registration so you can start anytime!!
  • Live class:  Marysville, WA  Tues eves May 16-June 13    6-9:30 pm
 For information call 206-963-3928;         to register by phone:  206-246-9227          (M-Th 10am-4 pm)